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brass "pearl" necklace

brass "pearl" necklace


inspired by the rest of the collection in its aqueous nature i began thinking about a pearl necklace.....and its humble beginnings in bivalves....

each "pearl" or bead is made entirely by hand, individually by melting, then drilling, sorting and finishing...before being strung in the traditional fashion on silk cording.

the lengths offered are suggestions and custom lengths are encouraged. they have been classified as traditional pearl necklaces are, named by their length. on offer are a 20 inch length which is coined matinee and a 40 inch length which is referred to as rope.

any length capable of going on without a clasp is a complete continuous strand. the 20 inch length is finished with a dual action clasp and french wire so as not to fray the silk cording.

each "pearl" or bead is approximately 7-8 mm in diameter. silk cording is offered in black, baby blue, red and grey. again, custom colors are encouraged.

to inquire about a particular length or color please email me



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